Gustry Hendricks / Once Homeless, Now Let’s Eat Together Volunteer!


My name is Gustry Hendricks and i was once homeless in the street of Atlanta, Georgia, an advocate for all that is wrong. I had no hope or faith in people or myself, but God knew my heart. God made me realize that on day i met the Let’s Eat Together  group on a Sunday afternoon while i was sitting all alone hungry and in pain all over my body and i did not wanted to be bothered.

I truly believe on that Sunday God had answered my prayer by sent them on my way. Because since that day on, the help me regain my fait in humanity again and i began to have a different outlook in my life. They never gave up on me. The group came weekly to provide me and group of my friends all of the things we needed. With their support, i was able to get myself together and now be in a position to a volunteer with him and come out to the same area to help.

God truly blessed be that day with a new family that taught me that persistence and prayer can do with its practice with love, faith, and patience. I can’t image life with God now and the opportunity he gave me to have another chance in life which allowed me to reunite with my family again that i haven’t seen in years because of the situation i have put myself in. I pray that God provides you all your needs and may you touch so many more lives like mine to make the transformation thru love, prayer, and trust in God. I also want to thank you for allow me to be part of the team to go out and share my testimony to other homeless people and help them to get back on their feet. God bless you all.



Gustry Hendricks